From the point of view of the state, an official must carry out his functions for a salary. If he starts to carry out his functions for the percentage of the transaction, then he turns into a corruptionist. From this point of view, FRS is the largest corruption scheme that ever existed in history, because the issue of money is a function of the state. In our case it is privatized by FRS. This scum is so great that it entered all the modern textbooks on economic theory as an ideal scheme of the financial system. Surely American people will have to pay for the fact that they allowed its existence. The second beneficiary of this scheme is ECB. The European Union was established under the guise that Europe would never be a source of war, which it was in the case of the First and Second World Wars. But at the moment, taking advantage of the fact that in the area of former Soviet Union which is affected by pseudo-liberalism weak state institutions were built and its people have nothing left except dreaming of joining the EU, the latter one together with the United States unleashes the Third World War. If for the United States the Third World War is a question of keeping world domination, then for the EU it is a matter to expand the market of euro. This carrot motivates it to a new big war. The EU has already absorbed the nearest countries of the former socialist bloc, and now has a death grip on Ukraine.