Forcing Europe to peace

One of the declared objectives of the formation of a united Europe was to eliminate the possibility of one of the countries to prepare to a new war. The problem is that a united Europe without uniting with Russia itself becomes a source of war. Every time when Europe got united under anyone’s authority, it decided that its existence was under the threat of barbarian Russia. Then united Europe decided that Russia was weak enough, started war against it, lost it, on this point the next project of European unification without Russia ended and started new one. It was so under the authority of Napoleonic France, as well as it was under the authority of Nazi Germany. In Napoleon’s army in the campaign in 1812 against Russia there were only 50% of French soldiers, the rest of them came from other European nations. In 1941, in the Battle of Moscow it was German Field Marshal who encouraged French battalions, reminding them of how in the days of Napoleon French and German soldiers fought there side by side against a common enemy – Russia.

Now Europe became united under the wing of the United States, and again under the new command, united Europe has a conflict with Russia. New European head in order to inflate this conflict, according to Victoria Nordland, spent $ 5 billion on the organization of the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine. It turned out to be not enough, and the United States organized a provocation with Boeing-777 near Donetsk. Appealing to the European mind is useless, because the Europeans decided to hide the black box data and decryption of negotiations between pilots and control services of the flight MH on 17th July 17, 2014. After the terrorist attack in Istanbul airport the chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, Alexey Pushkov reminded a united West that Russia demanded the extradition Chatayev who organized the attac. It’s useless! For the whole of the Western world and a united Europe terrorists, when they kill Russian people, are freedom fighters, and when they organize a terrorist attack in Istanbul, they are Russian. As they say, those who do not like blacks – racists. Those who do not like jews – anti-semites and those who do not like russian – human rights activists!

The only way to reach the European mind, which Russia has repeatedly successfully applied, is a conversation from the position of strength. But on this way the Russian Federation may fall into the trap which hit the USSR and the Russian Empire – it is the arms race. Although Russia declares that it would try to avoid it, it responses to the deployment of missile defense in Europe in a military way, thus entering a new phase of the arms race. This is a very dangerous path. A single mistake can lead to the fact that in a matter of minutes the fate of the Earth may be a foregone conclusion. In the face of this threat there is a very hard, non-military way to bring Europeans to senses.

Brought up on superhero comics, and do not believe that the US military machine can fail? Then this video is for you. American troops landed in Odessa.

Warm climate is more typical for Earth. Cold Quaternary period in which we live and which lasts for 2.5 million years was preceded by the era that lasted about 62 million years and was much warmer. In that glorious time in the North of Yakutia there were poplar and redwoods, in Greenland grew chestnut and grapevine, and the palm trees were rustling in the Volga region. For Russia, half of the territory of which is occupied by permafrost, global warming is beneficial. In whose favor then signs Russia various protocols aimed at prevention of global warming? It signs them for the sake of Europe. Exactly Europe is threatened by flooding in case of further warming. To bring the Europeans back to senses, Russia should not just get out of the signed agreements on climate protection, but also to begin to actively improve it. It’s enough to start spraying soot over the Arctic Ocean. Once the formation of ice here caused climate cooling. The more ice was formed, the more light was reflected by its white surface, the colder became climate on Earth. For Russia it doesn’t cost anything to reverse this process.

Of course, the plan should be implemented after consultation with all countries that are not members of NATO.