A little about monetary systems

From the discussion:

– It’s funny that “the working people” attained a system in which labor is not valued at all in any way;) and what was achieved with this de-kulakization?:) History teaches: necessity is the mother of invention, but it has an impoverished mind 🙂

– With de-kulakization and mechanization people achieved a significant increase in labor productivity in the countryside)

– If you throw off the debate, when drinking began and who destroyed what and in what amount… in fact, where our villages appeared at the beginning of perestroika??? as they say, we are flying into space, but use the newspaper to wipe the ass … and even now the villagers in 200 km from Moscow live as in the past century.

– And there’s no need to put away all the details. For example, we are launching a missile, it crashes, and we – we won’t investigate what happened there, anyway after its crash we drive the carts. I know another myth that is supported libertards – that peasants worked for free, for work-days. The fact is that work-days were real money, exchanged for everything you need. The problem of liberal (modern) money is that their emission is made in favor of moneylenders (speculators), in order to enable them to lend money on interest, and have their interest from it. However, for example, emission of Bitcoins is carried out freely by anyone, in favor of the one who made them (and our beloved German Gref pushes an alternative, he wants to launch a Russian Bitcoin system, but the right to their emission should belong only to him)))). The problem with such an emission is that the mass of commodities didn’t increase in the economic system, and the money was made. There are also many lacks of liberal money. Therefore, various systems of alternative money exist. For example, in Russian Silvio Gizel’s system of money is popular. It’s launched here and there, acceleration of trade is achieved, economic growth, but then come the representatives of liberal money, the Central Bank, and through the courts prohibit this “disgrace”. There are also alternative systems of money based on time. For example, someone sat for an hour with someone else’s child, earned a person-hour, and then spent it on inviting someone to collect the purchased furniture. The advantage of this system is that the distribution of labor takes place only between the parties, any left-hand lenders are not intended. The collapse of the Soviet Union began with Khrushchev, probably partially because he canceled labor-days. As a result, speculation began to develop. Then Misha-“envelope” came to power and finally ruined everything.