Playing soldiers

Any technological advance will become property of the terrorists.

There are things worse than war. There is the dishonor of slavery.
L. Gumilev

When I learned that Americans in Yugoslavia used graphite fibers as a weapon, I was struck by the simplicity and low cost of this solution at the same time. What for to fight the proliferation of expensive nuclear weapons, when there is a lot of not less effective and cheap weapons around?

Fashion for weapons is set by countries. Their power is expressed in the number of aircraft carriers, submarines, aircrafts, guns, etc. Something unusual in this list can be considered the use of chlorine in the First World War as a chemical weapon. But it turned out that every country in a matter of seconds can produce such a quantity of chemical weapons, that its simple storage becomes dangerous. And its variety is so huge that it’s difficult to give any preference to one certain weapon. I think that having realized exactly this, the countries agreed to ban it, concentrating their efforts on the more expensive weapons, creating an illusion of lack of alternatives.

There utopias, ideals that don’t exist in the present, but to which we aspire in the future. And there is self-deception, in which we live in the present time. To the latter, of course, relates democracy and the a state governed by the rule of law. There can be no state governed by the people, because it will be an unmanageable state. And there can be no state the power of which is based entirely on the laws, because on the contrary, the government is the source of law. And the way they are established is violence.

State violence postulates the following uniqueness of its properties. First, it is able to suppress all the other forms of violence, being the most powerful one. It offends a humanitarian, but… it’s the way it should be! Here you can see the second postulated unique property: state violence is ideal violence, it is a reflection of the ideals with respect to its application.

Terrorism denies these postulates. Firstly, terrorism is also the use of violence on the basis of those or other ideals or representations about them. Secondly, terrorism, using the “prohibited methods”, questions the omnipotence of the state. Using cheaper weapons, it wins economically. We can say, that, on the one hand, the source of terrorism is a crisis of the goals of the state (ideals). On the other hand, the source of terrorism is the physical ability to withstand the force of the state. It relies on a metaphysical force that results from the ideals put forward, and on the technological possibilities that result from technological progress.

Any technical achievement sooner or later becomes a common property and property of terrorists. For example, recently the American Commission has established that used civil encryption is not inferior to the same military one, and is cheaper. The conservation law is observed. If from the state there have disappeared a few milligrams of nuclear fuel, it means it has appeared in the hands of the terrorists. And this way year after year. The state has a natural decline, and the terrorists have a natural profit. And finally, the state doesn’t own all the secrets. The state doesn’t own all the sources of their receiving…

Let’s consider the use of microtechnic. It has long been a product of mass consumption, not just weapon for spies. Hollywood has already invented the name of the new kind of weapon. It is called “Soldiers”. Let’s see what they can do. How much energy is necessary to attach to the hull of the submarine and to slowly drill a hole there, and then to inject therein some psychotropic substance, as strong as LSD? How much intelligence is necessary to scatter nails in the subsystem of torpedoes’ start? What can do a network of these soldiers? The soldiers won’t have a flag of any country in their hands. The soldiers won’t have the stamp “Made in…”. At the same time, they will be exposed and visible. Anyone, any country or organization will be able to pick up a soldier from the ground soldier and… having understood how it’s made, to produce the same or a better one…

The war with terror is a war in which it’s difficult to find something that you can have in the crosshairs. It is a war where there is nothing to take on sight. It is a war with your own shadow… But if you look again at the listed sources of terrorism, it will be easier to understand this phenomenon.

P.S. The note was written in 2002 and looks more like a science fiction movie script. On the other hand, there happen things that fit in this scenario. Terrorists of LIH easily male improvised mortars, mines and missiles. A Russian programmer prints an artificial arm at home, competing with products of global corporations. Recently it was revealed that genetic engineering is available at home, even for schoolchildren. BASIC language for programming of genetic operations has already been written. This summer Turkey was saved from revolution by the people armed with communication technologies, which Erdogan used, referring to the people via Skype, and with the development of which Erdogan himself interfered before. So, the only way to counter the development of technologies and knowledge is to develop morals of the society and oust violence from it, and not to limit the knowledge and turn people into cattle.

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