To the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution

November 7, 2017 has passed. Western liberal media shot articles about this event. They were amused by the absence in Russia of any official events in honor of this occasion. Instead, Moscow remembers the victims of political repression. After calculating the logic of the current Russian government, the media concluded that it was saving forces for another 100-year anniversary – the shooting of the Romanov family.

It is certainly amusing that the Kremlin, being the direct heir of the victorious side in the confrontation that took place 100 years ago, joined the host of enemies of Russia, which reduces everything solely to tragedy. Denying the greatness of the Russian revolution and its goals, it certainly allows to use such an epithet for it as “belching”. Joining the chorus of “mourners” for victims of political repressions and considering that these repressions can’t be justified, the Kremlin joined a sect that doesn’t care about the objective causes of the events.

Realizing that such a position destroys the legality of the inheritance obtained by Russia, that it destroys its foundations, the authorities are trying to compensate for it by holding a military parade in honor of the parade on November 7, 1941. The parade in 1941 had a patriotic and revolutionary meaning. The parade in honor of the parade is ridiculous. This modern splint remained without much attention of the authorities themselves, the people and the Western media. The ambiguity, awkward and unstable position of the Kremlin, which on the one hand is trying to defend the statehood, opposing all sorts of revolutions, and on the other hand, itself destroys it, has always been amusing for foreign media.

In the traditional way Russian liberals spoke. In their opinion, the Russian people didn’t want peace or land, but only dreamed of convening a Constituent Assembly, were ready to die for this dream, but for some reason didn’t do so. Along with the liberals, the supporters of “Russia that we lost” and, in essence, the authorities, who showed through the First Channel a multi-series documentary film “The True History of the Russian Revolution”, in which you can see the hard work on understanding the history of the Russian revolution, which is a step forward compared to what we were fed up with before. Progress is visible, which could not but please. At the same time, the film has a lot of “if it” turns, very similar to the articles of the modern German media about this or that lost battle in the Great Patriotic War – “if we did so and not so, we would have won the battle…”.

History doesn’t know the subjunctive mood. The expressions of “if” kind in the documentary show that the film is not really a documentary. In this case, it is an instrument of propaganda. This weapon is an element of the struggle for the future. Thus, the main question that we ought to put ourselves in the anniversary of the Russian Revolution is what are the alternative pictures of the future for which the struggle is taking place?

Let us first note that people don’t need to be convinced that riots are bad. The people, as never before, are unanimous in the opinion that we don’t need the Maidan. In this issue, it is at one with the Russian government, which represents a revolutionary viewpoint for the modern West that democracy is not an opportunity to wear a skirt instead of trousers, change the sex and make homosexual marriages, but a way to avoid civil war. Promotion of this point of view in the West is capable of stopping internecine wars, artificially fomented by the West in the world.

But if there is no discrepancy between the authorities and the people regarding the anarchy, then the struggle is for the purpose of the 1917 revolution, for which the people fought their whole history – for justice. It turns out that the Kremlin is against it. As already noted, this is an unstable and losing strategy. The Reds defeated the Whites, because they fought with the people for justice. Without appeal to justice, we will not be able to defend in the US RT. Without addressing the people, it will not be possible to be heard by the world community. Without sharing the values ​​of the people, it is impossible to become truly strong and free.

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