Eternal Force Majeure

On Sunday, November 19, 2017 in the Bundestag, events dedicated to the Day of People’s Grief of Germany took place, at which a schoolchild from Novy Urengoy Nikolai Desyatnichenko had his word, and today in the morning all the patriotic Russia is outraged about this speech. The guy, neither much nor little, apologized for the innocently killed soldiers of the Wehrmacht, who came to fight in the USSR.

The sequence of comments is roughly the following: first anger, then “don’t fester the boy”, the school is to blame, then the “education system”, and, finally, the “Ministry of Education”. Above this hierarchy, no one in his accusations goes. It is understandable. For those who want to find the guilty to go further is a taboo, which is broken only under certain circumstances, opening a window of opportunities. But what is it to us? There are no guilty. The event that occurred is an ordinary event, one of the stream generated by the action of insurmountable circumstances, eternal force majeure – a vicious circle from which there is no way out.

I noticed that the burial of Wehrmacht soldiers, about the deplorable state of which Nikolai Desyatnichenko told, is located near the town of Kopeisk. This summer I was in this city. It is an unremarkable, provincial Russian town, which thousands. Together with me in Kopeisk was my the youngest son, who jokingly called the city “Kapetsk”. His joke doesn’t really have anything in common with the city, because in his native yard in Ufa the asphalt laid in the Soviet era looks like after the bombings. Reasonable question in this regard: why someone thinks that the burial of Wehrmacht soldiers near Kopeisk should look better?

The biggest contradiction lies in the difference between the standard of living of our people, who are the direct heirs of the winner’s country, and the Germans who represent the losing side. Who pays, he orders music. In this case, the Germans are paying, and we are selling. So for the cud and jeans, we headed the CPSU sold the USSR. For cookies from the EU, people from the Maidan sold Ukraine. From the conversations that I lead with my youngest son, I see that he could have appeared in the place of Nicholai Desyatnichenko, despite all my resistance. I feel in connection with this a pug-dog which barks on the caravan slowly going by its own course. Of course, something remains. Some resistance is inherited. But the force of insuperable circumstances in our case stubbornly rewrites the history of the winners, blurs our victory, and, it seems, in the end, won’t leave even a myth from it.

Is it magic? Certainly. Lying is always magic. This gloomy picture will undoubtedly come true if we don’t take off the shroud from our eyes. You can get out from a vicious circle only by taking a step out of it. And we still have stagnation everywhere – there is no money, but hold on.

P.S. Here is an example of this kind of blindness. Tamara Krasovitskaya, senior research associate at the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, tells us how the system of Soviet education developed, which was the best, as many believe, and she doesn’t understand the best features of it – together with the correspondent. What’s the cause? It turns out that this system has a history, and at different stages it was different. So they were confused. And where did the Bolsheviks take the money to educate people? Workdays. Few people in modern Russia see something good in the monetary system, where every labor person acts as an issue. Labor is not speculative, they can’t be stolen – it’s not money! The Bolsheviks saw this and rebuilt the whole country with this money. We are waiting for mercy from speculators.

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