The Crypto-Currency Revolution

Let’s try to estimate the limit of growth of bitcoin cost. This is not a pyramid at all. In the pyramid, investors are attracted by high interest rates. Its collapse begins when the interest on payments exceeds the funds raised. Here there are no percentages. Thus, growth can continue until all the speculative assets that are circulating on various exchanges move into bitcoin. Technical problems can serve as an obstacle, similar to those that occurred before the collapse from the course of 11 thousand. Nothing works, everything is stuck, what to do? The course falls.

However, technical problems are solved. Bottlenecks expand, and the rate continues to grow. Perhaps somewhere there is an intersection between the schedule of growth of technical capacities and the schedule of growth of technical needs. Bitcoin is growing very fast. In this case, the growth rate of bitcoin is synchronized with the growth of technical capacities. But this, as we know, is very strong growth. Some unsolvable system problem may result in collapse. But there are no such problems on the horizon. I don’t think that the problem is that payments in this crypto currency can still be tracked, in spite of the original myth launched, as it is supposed, by CIA.
Let’s assume that there will be no alternatives to bitcoin. What happens when the growth of bitcoin ceases, at a time when it will capture the entire market of speculation? Then everything will depend on the additional tools provided by the bitcoin market. I think that they will also appear in due course. Sense to withdraw money from Bitcoin to other currencies will not. What will happen when an alternative version of the crypto currency will appear – more convenient, less resource-intensive, with additional qualities? The situation will repeat. The bitcoin will start to fall, and the new currency will start to grow until the market is completely seized. Thus, we can state that the revolution has been completed. Over time, the market of crypto-currency can be divided between crypto-currencies with mutually exclusive qualities.

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