How to stop the information war?

If you look into our distant past, when we were divided into separate tribes, you can see that they were constantly engaged in an information war, telling horrors about each other. The information war periodically transforms into war, in which neither women, nor old people, nor children are spared*. How did we manage to stop the intertribal war? Before Genghis Khan was able to unite the Mongol tribes and establish the Mongolian empire, he formulated his own ideology. Islam helped to unite the Arab tribes. Orthodoxy helped to unite the various tribes of ancient Russia. A similar process took place in the USSR in the 1930s, when the country united around the general line of the party. Simply, instead of accusations of paganism and witchcraft, there were accusations of espionage, instead of campfires of the Inquisition, there were concentration camps and prisons. As in ancient Russia, it was cruel, in many cases unfair, but it strengthened the country. Now look into our future. We have the same opportunities for unification as our ancestors. We only need an ideology that can do this. What are its contours, based on current trends and the need to stop the information war?

The evolution of any ideology takes the path of degradation because of the fact that the value of the irrational increases, it comes to the fore, it becomes obviously irrational, and the ideology loses its power. The young agitation of the Bolsheviks was able to reverse the enemy regiments. In the modern world, Marxism will excite few people. Arabs sigh about the times of Saladin when Islam united them. Modern Islam separates them. The Christian world has long been split. Some ideologies are immediately born in a large separation from reality and quickly find their end. This category can be attributed ideology of worshiping Maidan. The degradation of the Bolshevik ideology led to the fact that objective economic laws were less and less taken into account in the development of the USSR. The world of developed socialism has become characterized by deficiency and long-delayed construction, which the villains didn’t fail to attribute to socialism in general. But if this were so, then deficiency and long-delayed construction would be typical also for the era of industrialization of the USSR.

The Bolsheviks were doomed because they were the first. They went to communism, the World Revolution, the emancipation of the working class, and discovered the Stalinist model of the economy, like Columbus who went to seek India, and who found America.

At the end of its development, the economy of the USSR could be represented as a single huge enterprise, working like a clock, but very rigid and slow. It became clear that it was necessary to somehow modernize the system, but due to the degradation of the Bolshevik ideologues, the country was inhabited by people, including the leadership, whose immersion in an irrational ideology clearly outweighed knowledge of economic laws. Cargo cult was already ready to seize the country entirely.

We can see its signs in the transformations carried out in Perestroika, which bring the Soviet economy closer to the Western one: entrepreneurship is allowed, cost accounting is introduced. The fatal step in these transformations is a change in the financial system. The real consequences are not important, it is important that everything will be like in the source of Cargo (brand jeans and gum, bananas and video recorders) for the aborigines. Blind faith is enough to decide on the next transformation. After all, at the source of the Cargo it works well, which means it won’t let us down.

The isolation of the investment financial contour from the consumption contour was destroyed. Money from the first contour flowed into the second. In the consumption contour, the amount of money increased, a slight increase in the amount of goods couldn’t keep pace with the increase in the amount of money. Inflation started (the graph shows that the launch of its mechanisms occurred in 1987). How do market subjects start to act in terms of inflation? They begin to save money in goods. In a rigid economy, which should work like a clock, such stocks can be viewed as congestion. A wave of undersupply begins to roll. Commodity mass decreases, and inflation increases even more. This leads to an even greater desire of subjects to save funds in commodity stocks, etc. The economy of the USSR is crumbling like a colossus with feet of clay. It collapsed not as a result of a conspiracy, but as a result of the elementary laws of economics. The fall in the price of oil, which is often cited as the reason for the collapse of the USSR, as the modern Russian economy shows, cannot be such a cause.

You can imagine what kind of panic was happening in the Soviet political leadership. No ideological manipulations could stop the fall of the economic machine. Soviet ideology collapsed after the fall of the economic system.

The GDR becomes the first victim of the collapse of the Soviet economy. The unification of Germany took place on the terms of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the economy of the GDR, which was closely connected with the rest of the economists from the socialist camp, the same processes of decay took place as in the Soviet economy. East Germans are offended, they accuse us of treason, but we already had nothing to help them. Knocked to their knees by objective circumstances, all the other socialist countries that were in the CMEA also fell in front of the EU. The shards of Yugoslavia, which had a more flexible economy, still resist.

The year 2014. Ukraine. After the collapse of the USSR, 23 years have passed. Cargo cult pushes Ukraine into the EU. The EU, which has become accustomed to dictate its conditions to everyone, expects Ukraine to obey its resignation. But why should Ukraine agree to this? Everything that couldn’t survive the collapse of the Soviet economy has long been turned into entertainment centers or forgotten under the ruins. What survived, for example, the Russian-Ukrainian space industry, gives the largest number of commercial rocket launches in the world. It didn’t make any sense for Ukraine to prostrate before the EU. The EU came across a natural border. What can be done?

To get out of the scenario of the victim and the abuser, we need to begin to stop playing the role of a victim, which should be punished for disobeying orders. We need to stop cultivating Cargo-religion, the cult of worship of the West. For example, we were expelled from the Council of Europe, and now we put a condition that we cannot be excluded from it, because we want to return to it. What for? Why do we need European ideals and principles which imply the war with us? The same applies to all European organizations, which we joined in the 90s and whose decisions we committed ourselves to implement. We need to stop the information war, and for this we need to establish, together with the European countries, a new supranational body – the Council of Europe and Russia, whose goal will be to develop a compromise ideology that could unite Russia and Europe. We need to develop such principles of cooperation that would be suitable for the rest of the Eurasian countries, and in time would create a united Eurasia.

The key difference of the new organization in comparison with the Council of Europe is the change of the benchmark from the promotion of any approved ideological values established by somebody ​​to the search for a compromise in the field of ideology.

We mentioned such ideologies as Bolshevism, Islam, and Christianity, but left outside of our attention the modern ideological giant, liberalism. Liberalism dominates over half the world, in particular, Europe and Russia. Liberalism is the source of the Cargo Cult, this cult is its signature. The preacher of liberalism is economic theory in the form in which it is taught in modern universities. There is no place for works of J.A. Hobson, in the section of economic growth there is no place for the USSR and China, etc. – there are a lot of liberal ideological tenets in it. However, the main source of liberalism is the Cargo Cult. The economy of South Korea produces a lot of cargo compared to the economy of North Korea, therefore, the economy of South Korea is arranged correctly. Liberalism is right, communism is not. It doesn’t matter that money is deliberately poured into the first economy and open markets for it and its goods, while the second economy is stifled with blockade and sanctions.

However, recently the situation has changed. The main source of cargo in the world becomes communist China. Here, supporters of liberalism declare that China began to develop, because it turned into a capitalist country. Well, let’s understand the difference between capitalism promoted by liberals and socialism developed by the Chinese Communists. The liberal economic model proceeds from the fact that the main behavioral stimulus for economic subjects is private interest. In their model there is no place for human morality. Communists, on the other hand, put public benefit in the first place, and not private interests. Therefore, in their picture of the world, morality plays a dominant role. Based on these attitudes, liberals and communists have different approaches to the management of monopolies. Liberals see no other possibility than to divide the monopoly into parts, since for them the sole goal of any enterprise is to maximize profits. The Communists, on the other hand, transfer the management of monopolies to the state in order to minimize prices and provide society with consumer surplus. For the public good, the Communists put innovation in the hands of private capital, because they recognize that the state is less efficient in dealing with them. Thus, socialism differs in its essence from capitalism, and communist China, with its introduced electronic system of re-education of society, can in no way be considered a capitalist country.

It is with the Chinese model of economy that we will have to look for compromises on the path to the integration of Eurasia. With the weakening of liberalism, signs of which can be seen in Trump’s victory, and in the “extra-system” politicians entering the European scene, the way to search for compromises becomes open. Moreover, the EU may find itself without control in the European political chaos that is approaching in the absence of such a project.

P.S. 06/26/2019 PACE renewed Russia’s full rights. I hope that our delegation in this organization will not only protect the interests of the Russian Federation, but also solve more global issues.

*Such a war is called Total War. The concept of it was formulated by the American General Sherman. It was with such a war that the American colonialists faced in their struggle against the Indians. Apparently, the Americans were infected by this wildness. The concept of Total War is alien to Russian civilization. This type of war is not taught in our military academies. Therefore, our indignation was great when the Ukrainian army began shelling the peaceful quarters of Slavyansk to achieve the desired result. We immediately connected this with the appearance of American instructors in Ukraine. Total War has another name in the civilized world – genocide. Russian civilization was part of the Mongol Empire, which included many wild tribes. Therefore, Russia inherited the technology of interaction with them without genocide, which in the cold climate of Siberia, the Far East and Alaska didn’t make any sense. This was shown by Stolypin’s reform, when he tried to resettle the Russian peasantry to Siberia. The peasants had to return because of the lack of land suitable for agriculture. The technology of the conquest of Siberia was not its colonization, but tribute paid off in furs. Servicemen for the peaceful attraction of new tribute carried with them sovereign “gifts” to the new lands: dishes from tin and copper, cloth, beads, flour and alcohol. And only in case of refusal to pay tribute in furs voluntarily, impact of force was assumed, accompanied by the seizure of hostages – amanats. The tribes waged Total War among themselves, many of them were on the verge of extinction. The transition under the power of Russian for them meant salvation. I think that in the Caucasus, the situation with the total intertribal war was even worse than in Siberia. For this reason, Georgians were one of the nations that voluntarily joined Russia.

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