About project

Nobody in today’s world has any doubts about the importance of what is called “intellectual property”. Evolving Internet can provide better tools for creating “intellectual property”, the tools of connection of people in creative teams, trading platforms, tools of investment in created intelligent products. This new economic environment created by the Internet can theoretically work in accordance with the most effective rules, free from the shortcomings of the traditional rules of the state. This is how the idea of ​​a “Virtual state” appeared.

On the other hand, we can’t build an effective cooperation without changing its base. This base is not physical, unlike the Internet. For example, the outline of free interaction of people for the realization of creative ideas can be seen in such Internet projects as Kickstarter. But something made its creators integrate clear boundaries in it: only Americans have access to the resources of this project.

Perhaps, this something, this rottenness, lies in liberalism. Liberalism calls us into the world of the imaginary freedom, in which no one owes nothing if there is no indication of the law. It means that we must abandon the world where people consciously and freely acknowledge their debts and live in a world in which in order of the debts to be fulfilled by people violence is required against them.

For effective interaction between people it is necessary to solve the following problem. We can’t set prices for goods and services below the equilibrium, because it leads to a deficiency. Simultaneously, we can’t prevent the dissemination of knowledge and information, transforming them into service and installing any prices on them, because non-proliferation of knowledge and information leads to losses of human productivity.This means that for the interaction to be effective, people must pay for received information themselves, although they are not forced to do it. At the same time, the owners of information resources themselves must turn off the payments in their favor as soon as the costs of creating the resource are covered. Thus, the question of effective interaction is a matter of dissemination of certain ethics, matter of building a moral society.

On the other hand, civilization has created an institution of power in response to the inability of the grown society to resolve conflicts using primitive ethics. This means that to achieve the necessary ethics of relations between people a special organization of power is required. As soon as a moral society is be built, it’s possible that there is no more need in the institute of authorities.

The purpose of the project is to determine the ways and principles of power which leads to the construction of a moral society.