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How to stop the information war?

If you look into our distant past, when we were divided into separate tribes, you can see that they were constantly engaged in an information war, telling horrors about each other. The information war periodically transforms into war, in which neither women, nor old people, nor children are spared*. How did we manage to stop the intertribal war? Before Genghis Khan was able to unite the Mongol tribes and establish the Mongolian empire, he formulated his own ideology. Islam helped to unite the Arab tribes. Orthodoxy helped to unite the various tribes of ancient Russia. A similar process took place in the USSR in the 1930s, when the country united around the general line of the party. Simply, instead of accusations of paganism and witchcraft, there were accusations of espionage, instead of campfires of the Inquisition, there were concentration camps and prisons. As in ancient Russia, it was cruel, in many cases unfair, but it strengthened the country. Now look into our future. We have the same opportunities for unification as our ancestors. We only need an ideology that can do this. What are its contours, based on current trends and the need to stop the information war? Continue reading How to stop the information war?

Venezuela, Marxist demagoguery and exit from it

Commenting on the situation in Venezuela, the Russian leader of the political program “Agitation and Propaganda” Konstantin Semin, using Marxist rhetoric, began his post with the following words: “The situation in Venezuela, whatever it is resolved, cannot but strike the entire socialist movement”. It should be noted that I share the point of view that in Venezuela there is a struggle for control over natural resources between the Venezuelan people and American corporations. But the only question we will examine is this: does not the leadership of Venezuela itself discredit socialism? Continue reading Venezuela, Marxist demagoguery and exit from it

Who will win the information war?

“The appearance of the Red Army soldiers seemed symbolic to me — it was the image of the winners. Our soldiers were not beaten or shot. Soviet soldiers among the destroyed city were pulling pieces of bread out of their pockets and gave them to hungry prisoners of war.”

From the memoirs of Colonel Adam, Adjutant of Paulus, about the end of January 1943 in Stalingrad

“The irresponsible attitude to war is a sign of peacetime and a shortened memory.”

Alexander Khodakovsky

At the end of the nineteenth century, people noticed that the relative number of people dying in wars was steadily decreasing. From this it was concluded that civilization had to lead people to peaceful coexistence. And as soon as such a conclusion was made, World War I loomed on the horizon and soon broke out. Of course, the words of Alexander Khodakovsky refer us to the events of that time, but the current situation has changed. Let’s see how exactly.
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Truth and law

There was a time when I hoped that soon Putin would drive out of the authorities such liberal comrades as D.A. Medvedev. Years passed, but nothing changed. Then I saw that the basis of the economic system – the export of natural resources – determines the basis of economic policy and the structure of power, and my hopes for its change have melted like spring snow. On the other hand, we are opposed by Russophobic circles, ready to sacrifice Russia on the altar of their own interests. In these conditions, the question of transition to a progressive economic model with the preservation of the country’s unity arises. In other words, the question is, what should be a positive reaction to the case of Putin’s preservation of the oil and gas oligarchy system in the next six years? At the same time, the reaction should be positive not only for Russia, but for the whole world.
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The Crypto-Currency Revolution

Let’s try to estimate the limit of growth of bitcoin cost. This is not a pyramid at all. In the pyramid, investors are attracted by high interest rates. Its collapse begins when the interest on payments exceeds the funds raised. Here there are no percentages. Thus, growth can continue until all the speculative assets that are circulating on various exchanges move into bitcoin. Technical problems can serve as an obstacle, similar to those that occurred before the collapse from the course of 11 thousand. Nothing works, everything is stuck, what to do? The course falls.
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Eternal Force Majeure

On Sunday, November 19, 2017 in the Bundestag, events dedicated to the Day of People’s Grief of Germany took place, at which a schoolchild from Novy Urengoy Nikolai Desyatnichenko had his word, and today in the morning all the patriotic Russia is outraged about this speech. The guy, neither much nor little, apologized for the innocently killed soldiers of the Wehrmacht, who came to fight in the USSR.
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To the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution

November 7, 2017 has passed. Western liberal media shot articles about this event. They were amused by the absence in Russia of any official events in honor of this occasion. Instead, Moscow remembers the victims of political repression. After calculating the logic of the current Russian government, the media concluded that it was saving forces for another 100-year anniversary – the shooting of the Romanov family.
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