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The Crypto-Currency Revolution

Let’s try to estimate the limit of growth of bitcoin cost. This is not a pyramid at all. In the pyramid, investors are attracted by high interest rates. Its collapse begins when the interest on payments exceeds the funds raised. Here there are no percentages. Thus, growth can continue until all the speculative assets that are circulating on various exchanges move into bitcoin. Technical problems can serve as an obstacle, similar to those that occurred before the collapse from the course of 11 thousand. Nothing works, everything is stuck, what to do? The course falls.
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Eternal Force Majeure

On Sunday, November 19, 2017 in the Bundestag, events dedicated to the Day of People’s Grief of Germany took place, at which a schoolchild from Novy Urengoy Nikolai Desyatnichenko had his word, and today in the morning all the patriotic Russia is outraged about this speech. The guy, neither much nor little, apologized for the innocently killed soldiers of the Wehrmacht, who came to fight in the USSR.
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To the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution

November 7, 2017 has passed. Western liberal media shot articles about this event. They were amused by the absence in Russia of any official events in honor of this occasion. Instead, Moscow remembers the victims of political repression. After calculating the logic of the current Russian government, the media concluded that it was saving forces for another 100-year anniversary – the shooting of the Romanov family.
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Letter to a friend about the fate of the world

A friend has sent me a link to an interview with Ilya Ponomarev (you can read it here), to which I wrote the following reply:

Ponomarev, like Obama, is trying to hold onto a departing train. None of things he described will happen. Ponomarev paints a picture from some minor offenses (he would have done better, and another one was appointed, who stole everything). It’s necessary to look globally at the world and to see the global challenges, in solving of which everyone is interested. Trifles, about which Ilya speaks, will be solved anyway. Continue reading Letter to a friend about the fate of the world

Political cycles of civilization

Founder and CEO of an American private intelligence-analytical company “Stratfor” George Friedman in his speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2015, indirectly explained the difference between the essence of European colonial civilization and Russian, so to say, peaceful civilization. Colonial civilization can’t control the colony troops because of the overwhelming superiority of the number of colony’s population over the number of colonial troops. Therefore the colonizers control their colonies through the collision of the colonial populations with each other. We should note that George Friedman in his speech referred to the experience of the Englishmen and couldn’t refer to a similar experience in the history of Russian civilization because of its absence. The link of an American to Englishmen also reminds us, what the country has been a leader of the European civilization, and which country is its leader now. now.
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