The Virtual State is a radical attempt to re-invent how we live, interact, and thrive in the digital age. Its goal is to create a new state, one unencumbered by historical and geographical boundaries. A truly digital state built for this century, by and for its citizens. Starting with those that most need it – those least served either by national governments or pan-governmental institutions today.

There is much to learn from digital initiatives for government services. Often these aim to re-invent how citizens collaborate online, or interact with and influence their government. They aim to re-invent citizenship for the digital age.

One of the most radical programs comes from Taiwan. Led by Audrey Tang, civic hacker-turned-Digital Minister and former member of g0v (“gov-zero”) – a modern day ‘poacher turned game-keeper’.

Find out more about how the Taiwanese Government plans to use digital technologies to re-invent itself, courtesy of Citizenlab.

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