A Global Problem

The Virtual State recognizes that we all should have the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Digital platforms now make this possible.

Millions of people around the World are denied the means to be active citizens: they are stateless, refugees or disenfranchised by the nation states of their birth or residence. A virtual nation state would provide them with citizenship and rights but not tied to geography, history, or birth. We will provide a digital identity, shared values and platforms for social, economic, and cultural cooperation and collaboration, beyond and above any of their existing rights.

Current Situtation

Millions of global citizens are ‘stateless’, either by birth, or because they left their country for economic or political reasons, and don’t have asylum, are de facto stateless, Tens of millions of refugees have been forced to cross national borders in order to survive. Many are not able to return home andare effectively ‘stateless’, living under the protection of the UN and its agencies, rather than the country hosting their refugee camp,

Many global citizens are denied human and civil rights within their countries in contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Others lack basic civil rights within their country because they are or were imprisoned, or displaced within their country,

Many millions more have multiple nationalities, but are restricted from full participation in one or more of those countries, While history is littered with attempts to improve or create alternatives to nation states with varying success and endurance, none have massively scaled. 


The problem of the millions who lack basic human rights because they are de facto non-existent due to their stateless status is being addressed by many, including the UN, many Nation States, NGO’s and others. But it is hard to solve within the present construct of Nation States. It is time to explore solutions that exceed the level of Nation States, more suited to our century:

  • A Virtual State, where citizenship is independent of birth and physical location based on personal values and identity, rather than accident and history,
  • We believe integrated digital platforms are the foundation of a virtual nation state transcending geographic and national boundaries.
  • The challenge is to ignite interest and encourage experimentation in making a virtual state functional and legitimate.