The definition of virtual nation state is almost identical to the items below describing a traditional nation state – for which there are five broad criteria:

  1. Territory – there must a space claimed and occupied by the nation.
    • VS believes this is outdated thinking – that states can be defined by shared values and wealth generation, while physical territory continues to become less meaningful.
  2. Population – the state must have people and those people must have an identity.
    • All citizens of VS will be granted an identity. With that identity VS citizens can participate fully in the social, political and economic activities within the state.
  3. Government – A government must have legitimacy and a recognized legal right to exist.
    • VS believes governments exist at the will of the people. That a government is accountable for managing the smooth running of the state and is willing to defend its sovereignty.
  4. Legitimacy – The state gains legitimacy in two ways, a) given by its people, and b) recognition by other countries.
    • VS knows that other countries will be slow to recognize it. Nonetheless, the legitimacy of VS granted by its people will, eventually, become too compelling for physical states to ignore.
  5. Sovereignty – The state can exercise absolute power within its territory.
    • VS believes that its power derives from shared values and common purpose and will defend its sovereignty to the utmost extent.

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